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  • 4 June 2014: Fiscal Budget 2014-2015. No substantial change in used car import policy

    In Fiscal Budget 2014-2015, 3-year import policy for cars and 5-year import policy for commerical vehicles will remain intact. As for the duty structure, upto 10% increase is expected. The official announcement regarding duties by the Federal Bureau of Revenue seems due in coming days. The increase in custom duty structure may affect the import slightly but consequently may plunge the prices in Japan accordingly. It is now clear that used car market in Pakistan will remain unchanged.

  • 12 May 2014: Used car import is gradually increasing in Pakistan

    According to the official figures of Japanese customs, the import of Japanese used cars in Pakistan increased during Jan-Mar 2014 as compared to the same period last year.

    For the period Jan-Mar 2014, total 4950 used vehicle imported in Pakistan as compared to 2939 units imported for the same period in 2013. It is expected that the growth will continue during 2014 due to custom duty depreciation in coming months, if Government of Pakistan continue its used car import policy or reduce the custom duties in budget 2014-2015.

    Please check more detail graphically.

  • 1 Jan 2014: Current used car import rules set in Budget 2013-2014

    Limitations of year

    Cars 3-year old from 2012 to 2014
    Commerical vehicle/hybrid/non-hybrid Jeeps 5-year old from 2010 to 2014

    Duty Reduction on Hybrid Cars

    Upto 1200cc ›   NO import duties ( Not available in Japan)
    1201cc -1800cc ›   50% Less duties
    1801cc -2500cc ›   25% Less duties