FAQ: Custom Duties

  • How to calculate custom duties

    A custom duty calulator by Oliac Pakistan is available to calculate custom duties upto 1800cc online. Open calucator

  • How to calculate duties above 1800cc

    Import duties over 1800cc can not be calculated with pre-set formula. Every car imported above 1800cc has connection with its market value. We have established a list of duties for certain cars/jeeps that we know.

  • How I can order for custom clearance

    Step 1: Initial payment of 10,000 Rs to finalize order
    Step 2: Rest of the payment one week before the arrival of vehicle at Karachi port

  • What are the terms set by Oliac Pakistan for Custom Clearance

    Please visit Custom Clearance

  • Any difference in duties of Japanese and UK cars

    Our calculator covers only Japanese used cars. UK cars has slighly different duty amounts.

FAQ: Importing from Japan

  • What is Government's car import policy

    In financial budget 2012-2013, 3-year old used cars and 5-year old used jeeps or commerical vehicles are allowed to import in Pakistan.

  • Can I import older cars than allowed limit

    In past cars could be cleared by paying the penality. Right now, it seems hard and Oliac Pakistan does not take any such orders.

  • How can I order direct import from Japan

    STEP 1: Security deposit of 1000 USD is required to finalize order
    STEP 2: Oliac Japan selects and buys vehicle for you according to the requirement sheet
    STEP 3: After purchase, client has to pay total cost till karachi and oliac service fee within 4 working days
    STEP 4: Oliac Japan will ship the vehicle and Oliac Pakistan perform the custom clearance. After all, client can receive the vehicle on his doorstep.

  • How long it takes to receive car from Japan

    SHIPMENT: 20-24 DAYS

    ** time frame may change due to unspecified reasons

  • Any reduction in custom duties of hybrid cars

    Governemnt slashed duties on hybrid cars in budget 2013-2014. The breakdown is follows
    Upto 1200cc › NO import duties
    1201cc -1800cc › 50% Less duties
    1801cc -2500cc › 25% Less duties
    Open calucator

FAQ: Damaged Units

  • How can i order damaged unit from Japan

    First you need to be our member by paying 1000 USD re-fundable fee. After that, you are open to select vehicle on your website for bidding

  • Are prices written with damaged units negotiable

    After getting membership, you can give us your final offer. We will bid the vehicle accordingly.

FAQ: General Queries

  • How long have you been working in Pakistan

    We have been in Pakistani market for the last 8 years

  • How can I pay deposit and where should I transfer

    Please transfer the amount in our official bank accounts only written on our homepages.
    Pakistan Bank Account
    Japan Bank Account

  • Difference between hybrid and normal cars

    Hybrid cars runs on fuel and battery that reduces the feul consumption considerably. Other term used for hybrid cars is hybrid electic. As normal cars use only petrol or diesel or gas, it is obvious that each mile you pass increase the cost of running.

  • Which hybrid car is less than 1300cc

    There is no hybrid manfactured by Japan less than 1300cc. Government of Pakistan may not have information thereon.

  • If I want to know all about a car?

    We have built a great catalog for you to know all about a Japanese car. Japanese motor guide

  • How do I understand that meter of my car is not tempered

    Visit How to varify odometer of Japanese Imported cars