Terms for Custom Clearance

Important conditions for custom clearance of imported Japanese used cars

  • Initial payment of 10000 Rs per car is required to finalize order. Rest of the payment required one week head of vehicle arrives at Karachi port

    Import duties and related documentation charges are all based on exhange rate between USD and PKR. Any changes in exchange rate, changes the amount of duty or related charges. Due to this, final invoice by Oliac Pakistan may not be exactly the same quoted at first

    If vehicle is not purchased by Oliac Pakistan, client must provide the photographs of vehicle before shipment. The photographs should cover inside and outside of vehicle including problem areas of the body, visible dents and spots. Client must also provide document or photgraphs of vehicle options and mileage.

    If vehicle is sent by container, the damage may occur while taking the vehicle out of container or during container vanning. Oliac Pakistan will not take any responsibility of any damages as third party holds the operations.

    Transport insurance does not cover the vehicle comprehensively. Oliac Pakistan will not take any responsibility of any damages during transportation. If vehicle is driven by the transport compnay, Oliac Pakistan will weave of the transport charges

    If the year of manufacture is less than 2011 for non-commercial vehicles and less than 2009 for commerical vehicles or jeeps, Oliac Pakistan will not process the order or pursue the case further

    Oliac Pakistan shall not involved in any illegal requests made by the client

    Order will be valid for 50 days. If shipment is late, then consignee or client will be responsible for demurrage and charges of re-documentation

    Oliac Pakistan must receive BL one week before the arrival of ship. Documents must contain first original BL and export certificate

    All payments must be made to the bank account given on our website. Any payment made in cash or bank account other than the given one will not be accepted